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11th International ISLA Congress for Medical Laser Applications  (June 10-11, 2016)


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All presentations on 5 DVDs


Prof. Dr. med. Frank Bahr (Munich/ Germany):

Effects of the New Laser Watch on Main Energy Points in Acupuncture

Dr. med. Andreas Wirz-Ridolfi (Reinach/ Switzerland):

The new Laser Watch for Treatment of Diabetes: First Data from a New Multi-Center Study

Dr. med. Peter Aluani (Feldkirchen/ Austria):

Combination of Laser Therapy and Shockwave Therapy in Pain Management

Dr. med. Albert Ray (Miami/ USA):

The Hologram of Pain


Dr. med. Volkmar Kreisel (Bietigheim-Bissingen/ Germany):

Low-Level-Laser Therapy and PRP for Pain Management in Osteoarthritis

Dr. med. Michael Grandjean (Rüsselsheim/ Germany):

Treatment of Silent Inflammations with Laser Therapy

Dr. med. Bryan Frank (Oklahoma/ USA):

External and Intravenous Laser Therapies and Photostimulants in an Integrative Health Practice

Dr. med. Francesco Raggi (Terni/ Italy):

Treatment of Hypertension without Drug Use


Dr. med. Stephan Bortfeldt (Laatzen/ Germany):

Visualizing the Success of Oxyven Therapy by Measuring the Heart Rate Variability

Dr. med. Werner Bastians (Bochum/Germany):

Case Reports on (Yellow) Laser Therapy in Clinical Practice

Dr. med. Ingo-Frithjof Zürn (Nordrach/ Germany):

Integrative Therapy of Lyme Disease with Use of Intravenous Laser Therapy

Dr. med. Salaheldin Halasa (Maryland/ USA):

Nitromedicine- Novel Applications of Nitric Oxide, Anti-Oxidants, Low-Level-Lasers, Platelet-Rich-Plasma and Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine


Dr. med. Dipl. Chem. Michael Weber (Lauenförde/ Germany):

New Developments in Regenerative Medicine: PRP, Stem Cells and Nanofatgrafting in Combination with Laser Therapy

TA Thomas Backhaus (Longuich/ Germany):

“Surgery without Cutting“: PRP and Blue Laser for Osteoarthritis and other Indications

Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Neßelhut (Duderstadt/ Germany):

Dendritic Cell Therapy for Solid Tumors

Dr. Burton Goldberg (Tiburon/ USA):

Integrated Approach to Putting Cancer in Remission


Dr. med. Dipl. Chem. Michael Weber (Lauenförde/ Germany):

New Developments in Photodynamic Cancer Therapy

Dr. med. Jürgen Arnhold (Königstein/ Germany):

Photodynamic Cancer Therapy of Urological Diseases

Prof. Dr. Udo Bakowksy (University Marburg/ Germany):

New Liposomal Developments in Photodynamic Anti-Microbial and Tumor Therapy

Florian Schilling (Munich/ Germany):

GcMAf(BIG) enhancing Photodynamic Therapy – Synergistic Effects combining PDT and Immunotherapy

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