Webinar Series

We are hosting a webinar series about medical laser therapy between the 3rd and 21st of June.

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20th International ISLA Conference in Beverungen/Germany: May 14-16, 2020

Due to the current developments regarding the spread of the coronavirus, we are afraid to inform you that this year’s ISLA congress in Beverungen will not take place. Thank you for your understanding!

ISLA- information material

DVD of the 17th International ISLA Conference (June 27-29 2019) now available

5 DVDs of the lectures from the annual ISLA Conference 2019 in Germany

Price: 90,-EUR plus shipping and VAT

How to order: Send an email to or call + 49 (0)5273 389 4506

Low-Level-Lasertherapy Handbook (2nd edition):

10 chapters; amongst others on Intravenous Lasertherapy, Interstital and Intra-Articular Lasertherapy, Photodynamic (Tumor-) Therapy, Transcranial Lasertherapy and Practical Applications of LLLT.

737 pages, 82 treatment protocols, more than 300 figures, 10 guest articles.

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News from ISLA Research Group

Current research:

Research project anti- microbial photodynamic therapy


Center for Medical Laser Applications
at the medical clinic Neu-Maria-Hilf, Göttingen

Dr. med. Dipl. Chem. Michael Weber

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Litscher

Vice Presidents:

Dr. med. Volkmar Kreisel

Dr. med. Michael Grandjean

Prof. Peter Dorsher, MD
Joan Walter, JD
Steve Liu, LAc
Prof. Margaret Naeser, PhD, LAc
Seid Cosovic, MD

Main areas:

  • Treatment of patients
  • clinical studies
  • Education and hospitations


  • Anouncement and spreading of new knowledge about the new lasertherapy
  • consolidation of the extensive material about up to now known data of the lasertherapy
  • Exact scientifical research about the basics and clinical application (double blind studies)
  • definition of the importance of medical lasertherapy
  • Cooperation with other big laser associations to integrate into the education
  • Spreading of the new methods within the population and development of new therapy procedures for the clinical work