Diabetes and chronical liver diseases

In diabetes, a lowering of the blood sugar values (HbA1c) could be shown in most of the patients. Furthermore there are good results in the treatment of late diabetic syndromes.

The picture shows the combination of intravenous laser therapy with local irradiation of leg ulcer in a diabetic patient.

In a study from 2008, Dr. Andreas Wirz-Rudolfi (Switzerland) treated 100 diabetic patients with 10 sessions of red and green laser.

  • Positive effects in 75 %
  • Reduction of HbA1c of 1,5 %


Cardiovaskular diseases

Originally this method was developed in Russia for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Improvement of rheologic properties of the blood as well as improvement of microcirculation and reduction of the area of infarction had been proved. Further reductions of dysrhythmia and sudden cardiac death occurred.

Today, the intravenous lasertherapy is used successfully for the treatment of coronary heart diseases, cardiomyopathies and for avoiding of stent restenosis.