Depression, Burn-Out and Multiple Sklerose

In the treatment of depression and burn-out, the laser blood irradiation leads to psychotropic effects because of the release of serotonin and monocytes.

The hormone system will be improved by the activation of hypothalamic and pituitary releasing hormones with gonadotropic effects.

Furtermore the general performance is increasing because of the improved oxygen uptake of the erythrocytes. This is also leading to an improvement of the fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Clinical Findings

In the first neurologic studies, Dr. Schumm from Berlin could show improvements of the fatigue syndrome and of sensomotor functions in patients with multiple sclerosis.

Picture 1: Improvement of the fatigue syndrome (grey = before therapy, green = after therapy)

Picture 2: Improvement of sensomotor functions (grey = before therapy, red = after therapy)