Tuberculosis Facts

  • After HIV/ AIDS, Tuberculosis is the disease, that causes the highest death toll worldwide.
  • In 2012, 8,6 Mio people suffered from Tuberculosis, of which 530 000 were children
  • 1,3 Mio people died because the were infected with Tuberculosis in the same year. 74 000 of them were children
  • More than 95% of all cases occur in developing or emerging countries
  • Tuberculosis is the main cause of death for HIV patients
  • Multi- resistant Tuberculosis spreads increasingly and occurs in all countries that suffer tuberculosis


Our project

A second project pursues the goal of developing a new treatment option for Tuberculosis and multi- resistant Tuberculosis. First pilot treatments are already planned for 2014. The project should lead to the development of a treatment option that can be offered at affordable costs and be implemented in large scale.