Strengthening Health Systems Initiative

During the last century, modern medicine has made inconceivable technological progress. The world has a highly sophisticated arsenal of interventions and technologies for curing various diseases available and progress has been made even faster in recent years. But this is only one side of the coin. Many countries fail to develop adequate health systems during which these interventions and technologies could be delivered. Millions of diseases remain uncured or even untreated. The treatments that are offered are often not up to date and ineffective and/ or unaffordable for a large amount of people.

In this context, we – the ISLA Research Group – have launched an Initiative to contribute to the strengthening of Health Systems in Developing Countries in September 2014.

As a research organization working at the cutting edge of latest technological developments, we believe that we can most efficiently fulfil this task by raising awareness for the latest technological innovations in medicine that might lead to the implementation of highly effective and affordable treatment methods, especially for diseases that have until now remained problematic to cope with.

As the first concrete measure we have granted funding for the printing and cost- free delivery of 50 Low- Level- Lasertherapy- Handbooks to various university libraries in Africa, South and South East Asia and South and Latin America.


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Now available: The new book on „Medical Low-Level-Lasertherapy“


Books can be ordered through contacting