Center for Medical Laser Applications
at the medical clinic Neu-Maria-Hilf, Göttingen

Dr. med. Dipl. Chem. Michael Weber

Prof. Peter Dorsher, MD
Joan Walter, JD
Steve Liu, LAc
Prof. Margaret Naeser, PhD, LAc
Seid Cosovic, MD

Main areas:

  • Treatment of patients
  • clinical studies
  • Education and hospitations


  • Anouncement and spreading of new knowledge about the new lasertherapy
  • consolidation of the extensive material about up to now known data of the lasertherapy
  • Exact scientifical research about the basics and clinical application (double blind studies)
  • definition of the importance of medical lasertherapy
  • Cooperation with other big laser associations to integrate into the education
  • Spreading of the new methods within the population and development of new therapy procedures for the clinical work